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Tips to Keep Your Floor Grout Clean and Shiny

Dirt, grime, or discoloration on the floor is a turn-off for many people. Keeping your shower and tub spaces clean, fresh-looking and hygienic may significantly improve your home’s attractiveness, comfort, and value.

It is critical to clean your porous shower grout regularly since soap, debris, and filth tend to sink deeply into the grout lines, resulting in unsightly darkening and discoloration. Over time, the humid shower atmosphere becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Certain mold varieties are visible and grow a greenish-black color, while others are not detectable. Mold is not only unsightly in the shower or bathtub area; it is also a health threat. Mold spores from your shower and bathtub area can spread and cause allergic responses and respiratory problems. Here are some helpful hints on how to prevent mold in floor grout, where it accumulates the most.

Our specialists at Steamatic of Colorado Springs frequently receive questions regarding how to keep grout clean in the shower, and free of potentially hazardous fungi and germs. Keep reading to learn more!

Stop Dirt at the Door

Place doormats at each of your home’s entrances to keep your floors clean. Doormats are helpful for more than just décor; they can also help reduce the quantity of dirt tracked into your home!

Protect Vulnerable Areas

Use mats or rugs to soften the surface in the kitchen and dining areas. Take a look around your home for spots where food and water congregate. 

TIP: Purchase a machine-washable rug that you can wash in the same machine as your microfiber towels!

Do You Know How to Mop Correctly?

Always adhere to the most up-to-date mopping techniques. When mopping, there are two essential considerations to bear in mind: The first is to avoid over-wetting your floors. It is especially critical if you are using the type of mop you dunk into the water, as the mop becomes dirtier with each dunk of the water. The other method is to simply mop small sections until they are spotless; microfiber mops can be a great choice for this technique.

Don’t Forget to Sweep

Small particles are good at getting lodged in porous grout, and it can be very challenging to remove if given the time to do so. Increase the frequency of your vacuum or sweeping schedule, especially in high-traffic regions, and before any wet mopping. Make this a routine you can repeat as often as needed to keep your floors debris-free.

Other Things to Consider to Prevent Mold in Floor Grout and Showers 

How to clean and disinfect shower grout?

In most cases, abrasive chemicals are not necessary to clean shower grout. You can remove minor stains and buildup with minimal effort and expense. Here are some eco-friendly shower grout cleaning tips:

  1. Clean your tiles and grout using mild cleaning chemicals to prevent discoloration. Cleaning with baking soda or vinegar can be done gradually.
  2. Use fans and dehumidifiers to keep mold and mildew away from your shower and bathroom.
  3. Never carpet a bathroom.
  4. Avoid commercial cleaning products in small places. Combine chlorine or bleach with ammonia-based cleaning solutions or detergents.
  5. If you suspect mold, wear rubber gloves and a respirator.
  6. Sealers can protect tile and grout against soap buildup and discoloration after washing.

Some stains, grime, or mold and mildew in the grout may be impossible to remove with eco-friendly procedures. Don’t settle for a dingy grid of once-white ruined grout — keep your bathroom looking lovely.

The Steamatic Difference

Grout, in particular, can absorb residues and permanently stain, even if your home was built with mold-resistant grout. The specialists at Steamatic of Colorado Springs can clean and seal the grout to prevent further discoloration.

Steamatic of Colorado Springs offers ultra-modern equipment and cleaning supplies for quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, stone, marble, granite, walls, and grout.

The Best Tile & Grout Cleaning in Colorado Springs

Just like anything else in your home, you should be proud of your floors, including the grout. Even with strict cleaning schedules, you may find that over time, your grout still dulls as it collects months and possibly years worth of dirt and stains. 

Steamatic of Colorado Springs offers the best residential and commercial cleaning services in the Colorado Springs area. To learn more about how we can keep your home fresh and clean, contact us today.