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Most homeowners use area rugs to decorate their homes and make them fashionable, generating an attractive and inviting appearance to the home. After using your area rug, it may accumulate dirt and dust, causing the home to be stuffy and dusty.

If you notice any signs of your area rugs are dirty, it is important to clean them. A clean and well-maintained area rug adds a flash to your floor and makes your home appear clean and tidy.



    Our Area Rug Cleaning Process

    When you bring your area rug to Steamatic of Colorado Springs for cleaning, we apply our in-depth skills to clean the area rug and remove dirt, dust, and debris. We use quality tools and cleaning supplies such as rug cleaning detergents to clean the rug. Here is our cleaning process.

      • We assemble all the cleaning tools and supplies in one place
      • Remove dirt and debris on the surface of the area rugs
      • We do color tests to ensure that the color doesn’t run when cleaning the rug
      • Clean the rug using a soft-aggation with a cleaning solution
      • Rinsing the rug with clean water to remove the cleaning solution

    After rinsing the rug, we remove excess water to allow it to dry faster. We then let the rug dry by laying it flat to allow the top to dry well.

    After dry, we inspect and reclean or touch up as need to insure best outcome.

    What Types Of Rugs Do We Clean?

    At Steamatic of Colorado Springs, we clean different area rugs in residential properties in Colorado Springs. No matter the size, quality, or the number of area rugs you have that need cleaning, we can help clean the rugs and leave them sparkling clean and fresh. We use quality tools and supplies to ensure that your rugs remain in good shape without getting damaged.

    Area rugs are often an important part of your lifestyle and decor style. Many specialty rugs are treasured family heirlooms. They add elegance and warmth to the home. We can clean any size and type of area rug, no matter the material:

      • Wool rugs
      • Silk rugs
      • Oriental rugs
      • Persian rugs
      • Kilim rugs
      • Navajo rugs
      • Indian rugs
      • Synthetic fiber rugs

    You can trust our rug restoration experts to clean these prized possessions carefully; to get the best results, we clean all area rugs at our cleaning and restoration facility. This ensures that we are restoring your belongings as much as possible; even with the most advanced rug cleaning and restoration equipment and materials, not all area rugs are created or treated equally. While our rug restoration and cleaning services might not return your rugs to their brand-new condition, they will ensure your rugs’ beauty and lifespan for years to come. See why so many families schedule the best professional area rug cleaning Colorado Springs has to offer.

    What to Do and Not Do When Cleaning a Rug

    Your area rug requires a lot more than just vacuuming. Taking care of your area rug includes being aware of the condition of the rug’s underside, removing stains promptly, and cleaning as needed. There are several dos and don’ts when cleaning a rug.

    What if kids or company accidentally spill something on your favorite rug? Following these expert tips can help you save your rug.

    1. Clean Up or Pick Up the Excess Right Away

    Acting quickly to clean up spills can help prevent permanent stains. This applies to food, drinks, pet accidents, and other spills. For example, if nachos or BBQ chicken fell on your rug during a party, grab a garbage bag and pick up everything you can immediately. Use a clean towel to absorb excess wine, cola, or other drinks ASAP. By cleaning spots quickly, you keep grease or liquid from sinking into the carpet fibers.

    2. Blot the Spot With Cold Water

    It’s helpful to have a few clean towels on hand (preferably white cloth towels or kitchen paper towels) when dealing with spots. Use a dry towel to blot up as much of the spill as possible. Blotting involves just gently pressing the towel into the spot and letting it absorb the liquid.

    If you act quickly, you may be able to clean up most of the spill with cold water. Get a second clean towel damp by running it under the faucet and squeezing the excess water. Gently blot up the stain as much as possible with this towel. You can tell if it’s working because the stain will transfer to the wet towel.

    3. Schedule Professional Rug Cleaning Immediately

    Generally speaking, it’s important to contact us for rug cleaning even if the stain looks like it’s gone. For one thing, the leftover residue from food or drink will attract lots of dirt and cause dark spots. Second, the cold water may not have completely removed the stain. Our team can often restore area rugs to their original beauty when you call us right away.

    4. Don’t Scrub the Spill

    Now for what not to do. It’s never a good idea to try to get stains out by scrubbing or grinding the rag into the spot. All this does is move the liquid to other parts of the rug or deeper into the fibers.

    5. Don’t Use Too Much Water

    A damp cloth can help you clean up a small spot, but you don’t want to get the rag too wet. Your goal should be to pick up the excess liquid without making the spot bigger. Do your best to keep the stain near the surface instead of flooding the area with water.

    6. Don’t Try To Clean Up Spills With Chemicals

    It can be tempting to grab a cleaning chemical from your bathroom closet to try to clean up spills, but this is the worst thing you can do. The same thing goes for using DIY “cleaning products” you see online.

    Applying the wrong chemical can permanently fix the stain to your rug, making it impossible to remove. This is what happens if you put soap or laundry detergent on coffee or red wine stains. Also, some chemicals can damage carpet fibers, destroying your rug.

    It’s always best to let professional rug cleaners handle stain removal for rugs or upholstery. We carefully test the fabric and use the right products to get rid of spots safely.

    The Dos of Area Rug Cleaning

      • Read the manual carefully before you start
      • Vacuum your area rug consistently
      • Contact a cleaning company for help

    Don’ts of Area Rug Cleaning

      • Don’t let the stains settle for long on your rugs.
      • Don’t clean your rug with the wrong supplies and tools
      • Don’t spill excess water on the rug since the water will get swamped on the rug base

    Modern,Geometric,Living,Area,Rug,Texture,DesignWhat Are The Benefits Of Professional Rug Cleaning?

    Cleaning a rug may seem simple, but it requires you to have the right skills and experience. Hiring a professional to help with the cleaning would be best if you do not have the skills. One of the benefits of letting a professional clean the rug for you is that they will do a thorough job, removing dirt to keep the rug clean and free from dirt and dust.

    Professional cleaners also have specific cleaning tools and equipment that clean rugs effectively, thus, removing dirt, stains, and allergens. This equipment enhances hygiene in your home and prevents allergic reactions and other diseases.

    Because professional cleaners use the right tools and supplies, you do not have to worry about your rugs getting damaged during cleaning. Our professionals handle the rugs carefully and ensure no damage after cleaning.

    Common Area Rug Issues

    Rugs are prone to various issues, depending on how you take care of them. They can quickly wear and spots have a chance of becoming permanent if things like wine and other items spilled on them. Water damage is also another common factor that can quickly damage rugs. Water can damage your expensive rug, costing you more money in the long run. So, it is important to consider scheduled cleaning and maintenance to keep your rug in good condition.

    Why Choose Steamatic Of Colorado Springs

    With multiple area rug cleaning companies in Colorado Springs, it is important to work with an experienced and well-versed cleaner such as Steamatic Of Colorado Springs. We understand everything about rug cleaning and maintenance. Our teams have mastered the art of quality service without compromising on the job. We offer top-notch customer service, leaving our customers satisfied.

    Our industry experts have the highest level of training in the cleaning sector. We also use advanced systems and technology, making us a leading cleaner service within Colorado Springs.

    Contact the Area Rug Cleaning Pros in Colorado Springs

    If you are looking for a professional area rug cleaning company in Colorado Springs, CO, Steamatic Of Colorado Springs is here to help you fulfill your cleaning needs. Check out our area rug cleaning drop-off locations or contact us today to book a service, and we will be glad to attend to your needs.

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