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Every region has a unique mix of non-ideal contents in the air. Dust and microscopic mold spores are always in the breeze. During certain times of the year, the air is filled with allergy-triggering pollen. Local vehicle traffic and industrial manufacturing may affect your local air quality. There’s a reason every HVAC system includes a regularly-changed filter, and not just because it keeps dust off the coils.

Your HVAC filter can get some allergens out of the air. Still, it takes a dedicated, multi-Layer air purifying system to remove 99% of harmful chemicals, microorganisms, and pollens from your home air system. So, how does air purification affect our health? The answer is simple – clean air helps us live healthier lives.





    What Does an Air Purifier Do?

    Air purifiers remove unwanted contaminants and allergens from the air. They do this with several filtration layers and purifying methods. The purifying process starts with filters of very fine mesh, which catch larger particles like pollen and fluffy dust. The finer the mesh of the filter, the greater number and tinier the scale of contaminants that get filtered. This filtering process includes contaminants such as harmful microorganisms, pollen, spores, dust, and chemicals. Many modern air purifiers also include disinfecting the processed air in UV light for a complete protection approach.

    An air purifying process in-line with the intake and AC system helps to ensure the air throughout your home is cleaner and that air purification is part of how air cycles through your home.

    What Types of Particles Affect Indoor Air Quality?

    The environment around your home determines your indoor air quality in addition to any dust or allergens that are trapped inside your house. Air purification can not only remove additional dust and pollen inside your home. A purification system can ensure that your home has a higher indoor air quality than the fresh air outside by removing contaminants.

    Types of particles impact the air quality inside your house.

        • Dust and dander
        • Pollen from indoor and outdoor plants
        • Vaporized toxins and chemicals
        • Mold spores inside your home
        • Lingering allergens like pollen

    What is Involved in Air Purification Services?

    Air purification is a multi-step process for homes or businesses. The first stage is an air quality assessment, followed by cleaning your air ducts and other hidden dusty areas. You may choose to have an air purifying unit installed in your home, and good maintenance will ensure continued high air quality indoors.

    Indoor Air Quality Assessment

    Using an indoor air quality meter, our professional measures the contents of the air inside your home or business. Air samples are taken at various points throughout the building and tested to determine which pollutants are elevated and how densely they are in your air. The smaller air particles are visible with a microscope measure at PM2, while larger ones are at PM10. Once the meter measures the air quality, it gives you a number and correlates that scale of good to hazardous.

    If these are elevated – now what do you do? A good place to start would be to call a professional out for a combination of cleaning options.

    Air Duct Cleaning, As Needed

    One of the major sources of persistent dust and contaminants is dirty air ducts. Your ducts are the passages by which your HVAC sends air through the building, and even once-clean air will come bearing dust and pollen if it moves through a fuzzy tunnel of loose air contaminants along the way. Periodic air duct cleaning can pull gallons of air contaminants out of your home or business and help to cycle only clean air through your HVAC circulation.

    Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality

    To maintain good indoor air quality, you or your home service will need to remain attentive to contaminant sources. Change the HVAC filters monthly, dust your vent registers, and keep an eye on the dust buildup in your air ducts. Use screen doors and good door protocols to keep dust and pollen out and filter out the last of the local air contaminants, including aerated chemicals and microorganisms, with a built-in air purifying unit.

    Professional Air Purification Services in Colorado Springs

    Worried that the indoor air quality of your home or business is low? Constantly see the dust floating in the air or sneeze from off-season allergens trapped inside the building? We can help. Steamatic of Colorado Springs is dedicated to providing clean air ducts and HVAC service support to residents throughout the Colorado Springs region.

    Contact us today for professional air quality testing, HVAC maintenance, care, and air duct cleaning, or consult on installing a new air purification system to keep your indoor air as clean and healthy as possible. Complete the form to start a consultation, or call us at 719-390-3872 to learn how we can help.

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