Graffiti Removal: How Power Washing Can Help

Graffiti is a common issue that many businesses face—especially in urban areas. Luckily, there are removal methods that can keep your business looking professional and clean. Let’s look at how graffiti can impact your business and community and how to clean graffiti with pressure-washing services from Steamatic of Colorado Springs.

The Impact of Graffiti on Businesses and Communities

Graffiti isn’t just a form of vandalism and an eyesore. It can affect the number of patrons who frequent your store. Graffiti directly impacts sales because potential customers may think your building is unsafe. Knowing how to clean graffiti can keep profits up and ensure customers that your storefront is a place that’s safe and well-kept.

Graffiti also affects property values throughout the community. When graffiti is plastered across the outside of stores and businesses, community members feel less safe and are less likely to come around. In many instances, graffiti is used to mark territories, and most people don’t want to be around that kind of activity.

Graffiti Removal from Steamatic of Colorado Springs

If you need graffiti removal in Colorado Springs, contact Steammatic for assistance. Our power-washing graffiti removal starts at just $350 for an hour, and $250 per hour after that. Your estimate will include everything from the time of arrival and setup, equipment, and labor. We cannot clean anything larger than 8-feet, or where there is hazardous terrain, muddy areas, ice, snow, or other difficult areas. It is best if we have access to water – and need to have vehicle access within about 8 feet of the affected area.

Please be aware that we can not power wash any hazardous materials. We do our best to make sure your surface looks as it did before the vandalism. However, if your original surface is painted or colored, know that there may be some paint loss or possible discoloration. While we cannot guarantee 100% removal of stains and discoloration, if we need to come back to further blend the affected area after drying – we are happy to come back for an additional cost.

Call Steamatic of Colorado Springs for Efficient and Thorough Graffiti Removal

Is your building in need of a good power washing? At Steamatic of Colorado Springs, we know how to clean graffiti quickly and effectively. Our power washing and graffiti restoration services use professional-grade equipment that quickly removes graffiti, dirt, grime, and moss. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your power washing appointment.

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