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Improve Your Air Quality with Steamatic

Your indoor air quality can have a major impact on your health. Even a single exposure to a pollutant is enough to cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, as well as dizziness, headaches, and fatigue. When you’re exposed to pollutants repeatedly, as is the case in homes with poor air quality, these health issues can become more significant over time. 

For example, long-term exposure can lead to respiratory diseases, heart conditions, or even cancer. By taking steps to improve your air quality like through an HVAC duct cleaning, you’re helping to protect yourself and your family.  

This type of cleaning can help eliminate the allergens, contaminants, and pollutants that populate a home’s air supply. If you notice an odd smell emanating from your air conditioner or heater or find yourself breathing easier when you’re outside, you will likely deal with an HVAC system that needs cleaning. That’s where our team comes in! Give us a call today to get started with our top-notch HVAC and air duct cleaning in Colorado Springs, CO.



    Energy Efficient Solution

    No one likes to pay bills. This is especially true if the bill is for energy wasted due to clogged, inefficient HVAC systems. As debris continues to collect in the vents, coils, blower fan, and throughout your air ducts, your system must work that much harder for worse results as it tries to force conditioned air throughout your home.

    This additional work your HVAC system carries out is reflected in your monthly utility bill. In fact, the EPA suggests that up to 30% of your energy consumption could stem from issues with your duct system. Cleaning your ductwork will help lower the amount of wasted energy and decrease your monthly utility bill.

    However, the savings don’t stop there. When your HVAC system operates efficiently, it can help extend its lifespan. That means an air duct cleaning can extend the length of time before needing a costly upgrade or repair. These savings can then be put to other use for you and your family. What are you waiting for? Invest in an HVAC cleaning in Colorado Springs today.

    We Have Indoor Air Quality Services

    No one likes allergies. They make it difficult to carry on your day-to-day routine and live an effective life. Yet, many people avoid taking one of the most effective steps of reducing their daily allergy attacks: cleaning their HVAC system.

    A dirty HVAC system blows contaminants and pollutants throughout your home. Whether it’s dust mites, pet dander, or pollen, these tiny particles can all cause major allergy attacks. Due to their size and ubiquity, it’s very easy for each of these contaminants to enter your HVAC system, which then carries them to every room with a vent.

    By scheduling a cleaning of your air ducts, you can help prevent these allergens from spreading. This will make it easier to breathe and help reduce the number of allergy attacks you or your family will experience.

    Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

    Through our state-of-the-art tools and methods, we can clean your air ducts efficiently and effectively. Our trained and certified technicians will take the necessary steps to best ensure your home’s air ducts are cleaned:

      • We protect your home with drop clothes and corner guards.
      • We’ll mask your ducts to isolate system zones and maximize airflow.
      • We will establish Negative Pressure (Suction) on you duct system through our vacuum equipment.
      • Next we send down each duct run agitation and compressed air tools to loosen knock dirt and debris loose, making it easier for us to extract.
      • We’ll recommend cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils, blower fans trunk lines, and other aspects of your system to ensure they’re clean.
      • Once your system is cleaned it will be clean and recommend upgrading to better filtration to help in keeping it clean.

    Why Choose Steamatic of Colorado Springs

    The Steamatic of Colorado Springs’ difference means that we always put our customers first. We can help you with regularly scheduled HVAC cleaning maintenance, as well as perform one-off services should a problem arise before our next appointment. Call us today at 719-390-3872 to get started with our dependable HVAC cleaning in Colorado Springs.

    The Steamatic Difference

    Source Removal Agitation & Extraction: Our patented equipment loosens dirt and debris at the source: plenums and returns as well as ductwork and blower units, allowing our powerful negative air units to extract it. Coils are inspected and cleaned as necessary.

    Technology: Diagnostic cameras are used to evaluate systems and look into source areas and ducting. Steamatic of Colorado Springs‘s equipment utilizes HEPA filtration to trap the extracted contaminates so they are not redistributed in your home.

    Ongoing Maintenance Programs: Once the initial cleaning takes place, we can assist you with a regularly scheduled maintenance program. Steamatic of Colorado Springs will perform a yearly inspection of your HVAC system and make recommendations for ongoing air filter maintenance.

    Better Training = Better Service: Our commitment to training and certification places Steamatic of Colorado Springs above the industry standard. A Steamatic of Colorado Springs Technician receives ongoing classroom, hands-on, video, and online training on our services, equipment operation, and customer service.

    The indoor air we breathe is one of the main sources of pollution in most of our lives! Don’t let filthy Air Ducts continue to be a breeding ground for contamination and airborne disease in your home or office. Steamatic can clean your entire system so you can start breathing cleaner, and much safer, indoor air! Along with the above-noted health benefits, cleaned Air Circulation System is up to 30% more energy efficient. Call us and we’ll schedule a complete Air Circulation System cleaning package, TODAY! We’re proud to offer the air duct cleaning Colorado Springs, CO trusts.

    Get Professional Duct Cleaning Services from Steamatic of Colorado Springs

    When it comes to taking care of your home and family, professional air duct cleaning services will provide you with better indoor air quality.  HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning in Colorado Springs can help improve the lifespan of your HVAC system, improve air quality, and bring peace of mind to you and your family. Steamatic of Colorado Springs provides you with industry experts and innovative technology to ensure we offer you the best possible service. We are also available 24/7, so you are always provided with the assistance you need. Contact us today to learn about our air duct cleaning and other restoration and cleaning services. 

    HVAC & Air Duct FAQs

    How long should my air conditioner last?

    On average, a well-maintained air conditioning unit with normal usage will last around 15-20 years. However, it is not uncommon for air conditioners to begin having issues around 8-10 years when they do not receive routine maintenance, such as professional air duct cleaning when needed. 

    If your air conditioner is ten years old or older, it may have an outdated SEER rating, and you may find it recommended to replace it with a more efficient model.  SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, The higher the SEER, the more efficient the cooling system should be. A good SEER rating is typically 14 or higher.

    If you have doubts or concerns, changing the air filter is always the best option. Keeping clean air 

    filters in your system can help you avoid potential issues or expensive repairs down the road.  

    Change your home’s air conditioning filters if anyone has allergies or asthma. Changing filters on the shorter end of the time frame is usually recommended to make the environment more comfortable. 

    How often should I change my air conditioning filters?

    The frequency you change your air conditioning filters will likely depend on several factors. A single exposure to a pollutant is enough to cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, as well as dizziness, headaches, and fatigue. Long-term exposure can lead to respiratory diseases, heart conditions, or even cancer. By taking steps to improve your air quality like changing your air filter, you’re helping to protect yourself and your family.  

    It’s a good idea to check your air filter every month for dust, debris, and other contaminants. A general rule of thumb for most homeowners is to change the air filter every 1-3 months unless the instructions on your filter state otherwise. It is not recommended to wait longer than 90 days to change your filter.

    Air filter replacement is important because it can help with extending the life of your HVAC system, improve indoor air quality, and help reduce your energy bills! 

    What are common signs that warrant air duct cleaning?

    There are a few signs that an air duct cleaning will benefit your system and your home. These include:

    Dust Particles – Dust, pet dander, and other particles will quickly accumulate on flat surfaces no matter how frequently you clean if your air ducts are too dirty. You may also notice dust right inside the vent cover or coming out of the vents when your system is running. 

    Mold Growth – If you notice a musty odor or see mold around your vent covers, it is imperative to have a professional handle the situation. Mold can spread quickly and cause health issues.

    Pest Infestation – If you have a rodent or insect infestation, they often make their way into the ductwork. They will make nests and leave droppings, which can enter your home and negatively affect your home’s air quality. Pest control and HVAC air duct cleaning can get the problems under control, reduce the risk of structural damage, and help decontaminate your home.

    Why should I have a professional service my unit?

    You can perform some simple maintenance tasks yourself, but comprehensive HVAC maintenance is best achieved by professionals. An experienced technician can complete the job correctly the first time and catch minor problems before they become significant issues. You can be assured that your home is in good hands when you use a professional air duct cleaning service. Steamatic of Colorado Springs proudly serves the Colorado Springs region and surrounding areas. Contact an HVAC expert in your area and Schedule an HVAC cleaning today.


    When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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