Water Damage Rental Equipment


Steamatic of Southern Colorado rents Air Movers, and Dehumidifiers to dry out your structure after a flood or water damage. We offer 24 hour service with live operator. We carry several different styles and brands of Air Movers, Drying Fans and Dehumidifiers. Some of these include but not limited to Phoenix, Drieaz and Viking. The different types of Air Movers and Drying Fans Steamatic rents include Axial Fans, Vortex Fans, and Centrifugal Fans. All of our rental Air Movers and Drying Fans are low amps and will allow for more Air Movers and Carpet Drying Fans on a single circuit. Steamatic provides emergency disaster restoration equipment rental for various sizes of water damages. From water damage, floods, water extraction, sewer backups, septic backups, mold remediation, storm damage, fire, insurance claims, insurance adjusters, to expert consultation: Working with Steamatic allows you to respond to wide range of water damage, mold damage, sewer backup and flood loss at any time. We provide the most common types of restoration rental equipment. Whether you are a residential, commercial, customer with a water loss who has decided to “do-it-yourself”, or a restoration company who needs extra equipment to get a job done properly, or any other individual with a need to conduct drying quickly with the proper amount of equipment, Steamatic is here for you.

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